3 overlooked observations from Commanders' early offseason workouts in 2023

Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio
Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Commanders HC Ron Rivera taking a back seat

Ron Rivera has had a lot on his plate this offseason. Trying to build the roster into a playoff contender without much in the way of resources wasn't the easiest proposition for the head coach, with the obvious distraction surrounding the Washington Commanders' sale making things more difficult than they needed to be.

Rivera always conducts himself with immense professionalism. He's never wavered despite the pressure on his shoulders set to increase significantly once Josh Harris' ownership group gets their $6.05 billion purchase officially confirmed - a testament to his character and focus if nothing else.

One overlooked element to Washington's early offseason workouts centers on Rivera taking a back seat compared to previous years. While he's still overseeing matters, the respected figure is also letting his coordinators take the lead in terms of running drills and keeping everyone motivated in between plays.

This is arguably down to Eric Bieniemy's unrivaled enthusiasm and fresh ideas on the offensive side of things. The Commanders also trust Jack Del Rio, who is a former NFL head coach with complete control of the defensive structure. Therefore, it's a transition Rivera might feel is the best thing to take the franchise forward.

This could change when Washington's training camp arrives. Rivera will be under more scrutiny than ever if the sale gets rubber-stamped by then, so he must prove to Harris and his team of investors that a successful campaign could be in the offing.