3 offensive coordinator candidates for the Commanders under Dan Quinn

The Commanders need a solid offensive coordinator after hiring Dan Quinn.

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Commanders could hire Darrell Bevell

Darrell Bevell has a long history as a successful coordinator throughout his coaching career. He was with the Seattle Seahawks for the better part of the 2010s. He also happened to overlap with Dan Quinn, who was the team's defensive coordinator in 2013-14.

Bevell was in Seattle during quarterback Russell Wilson’s most successful years. He played a leading role in helping them to two Super Bowls - one of which they won. He is still vilified in some Seahawks fans' minds for the interception thrown to end Super Bowl XLIX, though I suspect that play call had more to do with the head coach than with the coordinator.

He has also had two uninspiring seasons as an interim head coach in recent years. However, Bevell’s credentials as a quality offensive mind are undeniable.

At 54 years old, Bevell may not be the young, exciting genius everyone seems to want these days. Neither is Quinn, but the Washington Commanders feel like this added sense of experience coupled with a first-time general manager is the best route forward heading into a widespread rebuild across the board.

His most recent gig has been serving as Miami Dolphins passing game coordinator. Bevell has been in close contact with innovative offensive mind Mike McDaniel and had tremendous success.

Another intriguing element regarding this candidate is his experience working with young quarterbacks. This would make Bevell a very good fit with the Commanders if they spend the No. 2 pick on a promising signal-caller from the college ranks.