3 offensive coordinator candidates for the Commanders under Dan Quinn

The Commanders need a solid offensive coordinator after hiring Dan Quinn.

Dan Quinn
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Which potential offensive coordinator candidates could the Washington Commanders target after making Dan Quinn their new head coach?

When news broke that the Washington Commanders had decided on Dan Quinn as their next head coach, attention immediately turned to who he might bring in as his offensive coordinator. With the new appointment's background on defense and the possibility of selecting an elite quarterback prospect in this year’s draft, no position may be more important for the short-term success of the franchise.

One of the assets Quinn brings to the table is a long history in the NFL. He has worked with a lot of coaches and has very good knowledge of strengths and weaknesses. Since other teams have all begun filling in their staff, moving quickly will be imperative if he wants to get his top man to lead the offense.

Let’s look at three possibilities for offensive coordinator under Quinn, including a familiar face.

Commanders could hire Klint Kubiak

Klint Kubiak is only 36 years old, but he has already served as an offensive coordinator at the pro level - with the Minnesota Vikings in 2021. He has ample experience coaching quarterbacks as well.

He is currently the passing game coordinator under Kyle Shanahan with the San Francisco 49ers. There is some thought that although Dan Quinn has no direct experience with him, new boss Adam Peters does. That could lead the Washington Commanders in this direction.

If both Peters and Shanahan thought highly enough of Kubiak to hand him the reins to the passing game in San Francisco, there is obvious talent at his disposal. Something the Commanders might want to explore in greater depth.

Kubiak is the son of Gary Kubiak, a former quarterback who coached the Denver Broncos to Super Bowl 50 success. That, combined with his recent history with the Niners, has some NFL management types thinking this is the next Shanahan.