3 offensive coordinator candidates for the Commanders under Dan Quinn

The Commanders need a solid offensive coordinator after hiring Dan Quinn.

Dan Quinn
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Commanders could retain Eric Bieniemy

I have thought all along that there was no way Eric Bieniemy would remain in his position if the Washington Commanders brought in an offensive-minded head coach like Ben Johnson or Bobby Slowik. Neither side would have been comfortable with such an arrangement. But since Dan Quinn comes from the defensive side of things, this is a real possibility.

I know a lot of fans were not happy with the way the 2023 season progressed. Many questioned Bieniemy’s pass-happy approach. But the Commanders' offense improved under the former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator.

Had they not consistently fallen behind in games, I suspect there would have been better balance in the play-calling. There is some value in continuity. Since Quinn is likely to replace most of last year’s staff, retaining a coach who has some relationship with the players would not be such a bad idea.

The Commanders went to the trouble of interviewing Bieniemy, and I don’t think that was merely a courtesy move. The current regime recognizes his value. However, the reports of player unhappiness regarding his coaching methods and unwillingness to adapt to the modern-day NFL star need the appropriate investigations before going in this direction.

Bieniemy may find himself again on the outside looking in if he does not stay with the Commanders in 2024. Jobs are filling fast, and assistant openings are closing around the league now that every head coaching position has been confirmed.