3 nightmare scenarios for the Washington Commanders in 2023

Sam Howell
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What nightmare scenarios could befall the Washington Commanders during what could be a franchise-altering campaign in 2023?

There are so many storylines attached to the Washington Commanders heading into the 2023 season. One that represents a fresh start for all involved with the franchise without Dan Snyder's inept ownership holding them back.

The entire sale saga has been tiresome and a complete distraction. Ron Rivera's conducted himself well in the circumstances, but that won't hold much weight if he cannot get the Commanders trending in the right direction.

Josh Harris and his ownership consortium will be monitoring things closely before coming to a final conclusion on what's best to take the Commanders forward. Therefore, even the slightest slip-up could come with big-time ramifications for those in positions of power.

One thing's for sure, Rivera will be hoping these three nightmare scenarios don't befall the Commanders when the 2023 season gets underway in Week 1 against the Arizona Cardinals.

Commanders OL doesn't improve

The Washington Commanders spent what little money they had this offseason on strengthening their offensive line. This was an absolute necessity considering how torrid the protection was for long periods during the previous campaign.

Nick Gates and Andrew Wylie were the desired targets. The Commanders also brought in Braeden Daniels and Ricky Stromberg during the 2023 NFL Draft - although just how much they'll contribute as rookies remains to be seen.

One thing's for sure - if the Commanders' offensive line cannot raise consistency and overall performance levels across the board, it'll be nothing short of disastrous. Something that will cause a ripple effect to quarterback Sam Howell and the running game for good measure.