3 Commanders players on the hot seat after 2024 NFL Draft

Seats are getting warmer for some...
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Nobody is expecting miracles from the Washington Commanders next season. They were one of the worst teams in 2023 and have undergone an astonishing roster overhaul under general manager Adam Peters during his first recruitment period as the team's general manager. It's going to take time, but the franchise is seemingly on the correct path to contention at long last.

The Commanders bolstered their chances of a speedy rebuild by navigating the 2024 NFL Draft successfully. Peters was lauded across the regional and national media for the way he applied himself throughout the process. Those chosen have to prove themselves on the field, but it looks like an outstanding haul right now.

Dan Quinn and his staff will be tasked with turning this new-look roster into a cohesive unit quickly. There is an opportunity to improve on their four wins last season. That said, expectations should be tempered until we see what the football product is going to look like with almost half the roster representing fresh faces.

For some, the pressure is on. With this in mind, here are three Commanders players firmly on the hot seat after the 2024 NFL Draft.

Trent Scott - Commanders OT

The Washington Commanders tried to trade back into the first round for a premium left tackle prospect to no avail. Adam Peters wasn't willing to part with the compensation being demanded, which left the front-office leader facing the prospect of adding to the team's options further down the pecking order.

Brandon Coleman was their guy in the third round. The former TCU star is an experienced performer who applied himself extremely well in college. However, many analysts believe he'll be better suited to the interior thanks to his lack of legitimate NFL-caliber length.

It would be a shock if Coleman didn't get a prolonged look on the blindside all things considered. What this means for Trent Scott's future is anyone's guess, but the veteran needs a strong offseason to convince those in power he's worth keeping around.

If another veteran edge protector is acquired at some stage - which seems plausible looking at the options available - it could be the final nail in Scott's proverbial coffin with the Commanders.