3 bold Sam Howell predictions for Commanders vs. Cardinals in Week 1

Sam Howell begins his first season as an NFL start against the Arizona Cardinals.

Sam Howell
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Bold predictions for quarterback Sam Howell as he looks to propel the Washington Commanders to an opening day victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

After working exceptionally hard to earn the QB1 tag this offseason, Sam Howell begins his journey at a sold-out FedEx Field this afternoon. The Washington Commanders are heavily favored to start their campaign off on a positive note, which stems from the surge in energy under new ownership and how things are currently unfolding within the Arizona Cardinals.

It was a baptism of fire early on for Howell against Washington's formidable defense this offseason. But the former fifth-round pick rose to the challenge and became noticeably more confident heading into the team's preseason games.

The Commanders are placing a significant amount of faith in Howell - some are even banking their jobs on him flourishing. That's a lot to as of a second-year signal-caller with one career start, but there's an aura about him that exudes belief.

Looking ahead, here are three bold predictions for Howell against the Cardinals in Week 1.

Sam Howell gains 100+ rushing yards

One of the most underrated parts of Sam Howell's game is his ability to create yards on the ground. This is something he didn't display much until his final campaign at North Carolina, which was thanks in no small part to most of his dynamic weapons leaving for the NFL following the 2020 season.

Howell needs to trust his legs versus the Arizona Cardinals. The Commanders have a lot of outstanding playmakers who demand attention, so there could be a lot of space to take off if the quarterback doesn't like what's developing downfield.

If Howell gains 100 rushing yards, it'll be a great indication of the player's pocket awareness and decision-making being exactly where they need to be.