5 greatest-ever NFL Draft picks in Washington Commanders history

(Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports) Darrell Green
(Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports) Darrell Green /
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Darrell Green – Former Commanders CB

  • Round 1, 1983 NFL Draft

To many fans, Darrell Green is the most popular player in Washington Commanders franchise history. He had blistering speed. He made iconic plays – whether it was chasing down Tony Dorsett to prevent a touchdown in his rookie season against the Dallas Cowboys, or returning a punt for a touchdown to help defeat the Chicago Bears on the way to the team’s second Super Bowl.

Green played 20 seasons, all in Washington, and still holds multiple team records. And his infectious optimism made even jaded fans smile.

One of the television highlights of the 1980s and 1990s was the All-Madden Team selections. Always performed with flair by iconic coach/commentator John Madden.

One year, his defense consisted of 10 linemen and linebackers. Then, Madden acknowledged he would need some to play in the secondary, so he picked Green as his only defensive back, arguing he was fast enough to cover everyone by himself.

Defensive coordinator Richie Petitbon admitted he thought Green was too slight to play in the NFL. But it didn’t take long to change his mind. The coach later acknowledged that a lot of his defensive schemes were built around the cornerback’s speed and talent.

Green could neutralize the other team’s best receiver, allowing Petitbon the freedom to blitz or mix up other coverages. Check any survey of the greatest or most popular players in franchise history and the former Texas A&M-Kingsville star will be in the top couple – oftentimes at No. 1.

And now, I promised you a bonus. We’ll call this a supplemental selection.