5 greatest-ever NFL Draft picks in Washington Commanders history

(Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports) Darrell Green
(Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports) Darrell Green /
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Russ Grimm – Former Commanders OL

  • Round 3, 1981 NFL Draft

Coach Joe Bugel coined the name “Hogs”. Veteran offensive tackle George Starke was ordained Boss Hog. Mammoth tackle Joe Jacoby had the best story, and center Jeff Bostic had the best mouth. But Russ Grimm was the Hogs.

He came in Round No. 3 of the 1981 NFL Draft, after another all-time great lineman, Mark May, was drafted in the first round. And though he was expected to play well, not many people outside the organization saw just how good this kid from Pittsburgh could be.

The Washington Commanders’ signature running plays throughout the 1980s were the counter trey, often run right, with Grimm and Jacoby pulling from the left side.

The 50 Gut, often run left, with John Riggins finding a hole between Grimm and either Bostic on the inside or Jacoby on the outside. But one thing was usually constant. Grimm was in the middle of it.

Grimm had been a linebacker as a young player, only making the transition to the offensive line midway through his college career. It showed in how well he moved, despite not having the best-looking body in the league. He also used his knowledge of how defenses played to master trap blocks, often outsmarting his opponents.

To date, Grimm remains the only member of the Hogs to be enshrined in Canton.