5 greatest-ever NFL Draft picks in Washington Commanders history

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Art Monk – Former Commanders WR

  • Round 1, 1980 NFL Draft

Art Monk broke some of Charley Taylor’s records, and would also hold league-wide records upon his retirement. At various points in his illustrious career, the prolific wide receiver held league-wide distinctions for most catches in a season, most catches in a career, and most consecutive games with a catch.

That final record may be the most telling. Monk was not a flashy runner. He did not have blazing speed. He was simply the most consistent receiver the franchise – and perhaps the entire league – has ever seen.

He produced day in and day out, year in and year out, throughout the greatest run in Washington Commanders franchise history.

Monk was well-known for being a man of few words. But he was a team leader nonetheless.

With the team seemingly stuck in a tailspin after their second Super Bowl win in 1988, Monk asked coach Joe Gibbs for permission to call a players-only meeting. The Commanders franchise had missed the playoffs the previous two seasons and were mired around .500 well into the 1990 campaign.

Monk’s address to the team – which came to be known as the “put-up-or-shut-up” speech, not only turned that season around but was credited by many players as being the first step to the team’s final Super Bowl win a few years later.