3 ways QB Jacoby Brissett can help the Commanders in 2023

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Jacoby Brissett brings consistency to the Commanders

The Washington Commanders aren’t getting an elite-level quarterback in Jacoby Brissett. This shouldn’t come as a great shock and is something they are probably already aware of.

He won’t win many games on his own like players with the credentials of Patrick Mahomes or Joe Burrow. But Brissett is unlikely to lose all that many with careless errors, either.

While his limitations are obvious, Brissett is a consistent presence under center. Something the Commanders sorely lacked at times last season – primarily when Carson Wentz was failing to grasp what could be his final opportunity as a starting option.

Brissett shouldn’t come with such complications. He is generally accurate, sees the field well, and has enough athleticism to get out on the move when opportunities arise.

This will be needed in no uncertain terms. Especially if the veteran ends up beating out Sam Howell for the starting gig at the team’s training camp throughout the summer.

The addition of Eric Bieniemy as Washington’s primary shot-caller on offense is another thing working in Brissett’s favor. The respected coach will know exactly how to maximize his skill set and one thing the former North Carolina State standout does well is get the football out quickly – which is tailor-made for the assistant head coach/offensive coordinator’s system.