3 ways QB Jacoby Brissett can help the Commanders in 2023

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Jacoby Brissett brings genuine competition to the Commanders

Ron Rivera made his intentions at the quarterback position clear. Sam Howell will get a shot at winning the top job, but the Washington Commanders were going to get themselves a contingency plan if the 2022 fifth-round selection cannot meet the necessary targets.

Make no mistake, Jacoby Brissett brings genuine competition to the Commanders. And it promises to be one of the more fascinating elements of the upcoming preparation period.

Brissett was reportedly waiting for an opportunity somewhere that gave him a legitimate chance of becoming a No. 1. So the signal-caller must be pretty confident he can get the better of Howell when the time comes.

This competition can only mean good things for the Commanders. Having Brissett and Howell going toe-to-toe during the summer will raise their respective performance levels, which should stand the winner in good stead when competitive action arrives.

Again, this is a decent signing for a good price. For Brissett, it’s a chance to work with an exceptional offensive mind in Eric Bieniemy and some outstanding skill position players for good measure.

Howell has a fight on his hands, there’s no getting away from that. Something he is now all too aware of following Brissett’s arrival.

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