4 major observations from Eric Bieniemy’s first Commanders presser

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Eric Bieniemy focusing on now with the Commanders

It was almost inevitable that questions would come up about Eric Bieniemy not being a head coach yet. The offensive guru has undertaken multiple interviews with teams without doing enough to secure what many believe to be a well-deserved promotion, which seems bizarre to many all things considered.

Bienemy will look to quash any remaining doubts about his credentials as a future head coach with the Washington Commanders. Despite his incredible success with the Kansas City Chiefs and sound reputation in league circles, the primary focus is to improve his new employers and let the chips fall where they may once the campaign concludes.

"“Right now I’m the offensive coordinator of the Washington Commanders. Being a head coach, if that’s to happen it will take care of itself. Being a head coach, it hasn’t happened, it’s not anything that’s going to impact me moving forward because the only thing I need to be concerned with is what’s important today.”"

After so much rejection, Bieniemy is probably just taking everything in his stride. If it happens, great. If not, then he can relax safe in the knowledge Washington gives him the best opportunity to run his own offense and play a leading role in all aspects of the organization.

This is something he didn’t necessarily have in Kansas City with Andy Reid holding power. Whether it’s enough to persuade another franchise is another matter.