Redskins: Riggo’s Rag Podcast – 2019 NFL Combine recap

The NFL Combine is a crucial part of the draft process, and the Redskins checked off that box last week.

Nothing new is necessarily learned at the NFL Combine, but the events in Indianapolis gives teams a handle on what a given prospect’s athletic upside, or limitations, might be. It’s the events at the combine that shed light on things hinted at on tape, and thus, such events could play a heavy hand in determining the Washington Redskins selection at pick No. 15.

There was plenty to take away from this year’s combine, from the immense athleticism put on display by defensive players, to the drama and speculation surrounding some of the draft’s most prestigious quarterbacks.

The rumor mill also opened for business at the combine. Over the course of the week, the Redskins were tied to various trade whispers, primarily concerning the quarterback position. Hype built around the Cardinals’ potential selection of Kyler Murray at No. 1, and thus, coinciding hype built surrounding a possible trade for Josh Rosen by the Washington Redskins. There was also talk that, if Murray doesn’t go No. 1, the Redskins could trade up for him.

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Between all the words and numbers, it can be tough to figure out what the most important information to take away from the combine is, exactly. That’s why I met up with Jacob Camenker, Nathan Britton, and Riggo’s Rag contributor Ken Johannesen on the Riggo’s Rag Podcast to discuss the biggest takeaways from the events at the 2019 NFL Combine, and how they pertain to the Redskins offseason plans. To listen to the podcast, you can click the play button below!

We also talked a little bit about a potential deal for Josh Rosen toward the end, although that segment is a bit outdated in the wake of the Redskins trade for Case Keenum. However, even with Keenum’s acquisition, a move for Rosen, or a rookie in Round 1, could still be in play. Once you’re done listening, be sure to click the link above and read up on the implications of the trade for Keenum!