3 teams Commanders need to call about a Chase Young trade

Washington Commanders, Chase Young
Washington Commanders, Chase Young / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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3. Chicago Bears

Finally, we come to maybe the perfect team to call about a Chase Young trade, the Chicago Bears. This season has been more than just a disappointment for Chicago, who entered the year with a lot of hope and offseason hype built around them.

The offseason featured a lot of moves, some money spent and still, the Bears might look even worse than they were in 2022. Somehow, some way, the Bears accomplished the impossible.

Now, they might be looking ahead to a future even without Justin Fields, should they land the no. 1 pick and draft Caleb Williams. Regardless of what they do at quarterback, though, Chicago needs pass rushers and they need them badly. The Bears have only nine sacks on the year, which is well toward the bottom of the league.

Chicago has a lot of money and plenty of draft capital to work with, making them an ideal candidate here. The fact that they could not only land Young, but extend him, makes this an appealing deal for all involved. The Bears could wind up with Young while also drafting one of the top pass rushers next year, making things look a whole lot different than they look right now.