4 quarterbacks connected to Adam Peters the Commanders could target

The options might not be aplenty, but there are some veterans out there connected to Peters.

Washington Commanders, Jimmy Garoppolo
Washington Commanders, Jimmy Garoppolo / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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3. Trey Lance

Trey Lance is an interesting name, because he wound up being traded from San Francisco to Dallas last offseason, and the Cowboys were not the place most thought he'd end up. Obviously, Dallas has Dak Prescott as their starting quarterback, and he figures to continue being their starter for quite some time, despite an early playoff exit this year.

Lance wound up being acquired for a fourth-round pick to back up Prescott, but with no legitimate path to having a chance at starting in the near future, maybe he finds his way out of Dallas. If the Commanders can find an even deal with a division rival, Lance could be a real intriguing option under center.

The former North Dakota State quarterback entered the league as the no. 3 pick back in 2021 and brings an exciting dual-threat skill set. He actually looked formidable as a passer, at times, in limited action with the 49ers. Lance is sort of an enigma at this point, though. We don't really know what he's fully capable of because of injuries hampering the early portion of his career.

Peters was in his first year as assistant GM when Lance was drafted.