Jay Gruden-RGIII feud explained: Everything to know

Are you taking notes? This doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon.

Washington Redskins v Indianapolis Colts
Washington Redskins v Indianapolis Colts / Joe Robbins/GettyImages

Ah, yes. The NFL never fails to provide drama, only this time, it's far from on the field.

Former Washington Commanders (Redskins) quarterback Robert Griffin III and his former head coach, Jay Gruden, have been at each other's throats over the past few days.

Can't we all just get along?

Apparently not.

The exchanges, going back and forth since last weekend's Wild Card Round, have gone from playful, to childish, to just plain disrespectful. And now, Griffin is out to set the record straight.

Just what excatly is happening between RGIII and Jay Gruden?

It all began when Jay Gruden posted this tweet during the Eagles/Bucs game:

RGIII then replied:

From there, this is how the exchange on Twitter (X) went:

Gruden: "You weren't prepared, Robert?"

RGIII: "You told me you didn’t know how to coach a QB who could throw and run like me, so looks like you weren’t prepared Jay."

Gruden: "You are right. We didn’t have a good enough staff. Sorry. Hope all is well with ya."

Then, Griffin took to his podcast in order to tell "the whole story."

Basically, Griffin said he was asked by his head coach to challenge and call out his teammates in a press conference. Griffin did that. After Griffin was roasted for his comments and was told he "called out his teammates" in a negative manner, he claims that his head coach didn't "have the balls" to stand up for his quarterback.

So, in Griffin's mind, he was doing what he was told. Gruden told him to challenge his teammates. He did so.

Then, the national media went wild and crucified Griffin for what he said, all the while, Gruden sits back twirling his thumbs and pretending as though he had nothing to do with his quarterbacks' troubling words.

Not only that, but Gruden then "undressed" Griffin in a press conference. So, the head coach not only failed to take responsibility for what he told Griffin to do, but he then disrespected Griffin in front of the media. He disrespected Griffin in front of the entire team during a team meeting.

Now, this is all from Griffin's perspective. Take it for what it's worth. However, a recently-deleted tweet from Gruden might just lead me to believe Griffin is telling the truth.

To me, it's a free ticket to the movies. Grab your popcorn. We don't only get to watch playoff football this weekend. We get an ever-evolving cat fight.