Pros and cons of Commanders making splash trade for Kyler Murray in 2024

It would be a wild move for the Commanders, that's for sure.

Washington Commanders, Kyler Murray
Washington Commanders, Kyler Murray / Lindsey Wasson/GettyImages
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Con: Risk losing out on a franchise-altering player in 2024 NFL Draft

One would have to think any deal for Murray, at this point, would need to include a first-round pick. And, oh by the way, the Commanders are currently slated to pick no. 4 overall in next year's draft. At that point, they might even be in position to select one of Drake Maye or Caleb Williams.

But, if you trade that pick in a deal for Murray, the opportunity is lost to try and land a franchise cornerstone with any of the projected top players, not just the quarterback position.

Not only do you risk losing out on a franchise-altering type of player in next year's draft, but the Commanders would also likely sacrifice additional draft capital in a trade for Murray. It would take a combination of a first-round pick and an additional pick or two in order to land Murray, in all likelihood.

If the Commanders stuck with Howell and wound up picking at no. 4 overall, they'd have an opportunity to land either Williams, Maye, Marvin Harrison Jr. or one of tight end Brock Bowers or offensive tackle Olu Fashanu. Any one of those players could drastically change this team's future, with or without Howell.

Do the Commanders risk it?