Pros and cons of Commanders making splash trade for Kyler Murray in 2024

It would be a wild move for the Commanders, that's for sure.

Washington Commanders, Kyler Murray
Washington Commanders, Kyler Murray / Lindsey Wasson/GettyImages
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This coming offseason is going to be a big one for the Washington Commanders.

They should wind up picking in the top-five of the 2024 NFL Draft with plenty of options. The quarterback position, though, is going to be taking center stage until that first round is all over.

Do the Commanders stick with Sam Howell another year, giving him a shot at developing further? Or, do they take a chance and trade for a guy who very well could be on the move this offseason like Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray?

We weigh in on a few pros and cons of Washington taking the gamble.

Pro: Franchise quarterback wouldn't be a question

The Commanders haven't had their franchise quarterback solidified since the days of Kirk Cousins. It's been a rollercoaster of quarterbacks over the last few years, and at this point, sure, maybe they do have one in Howell. Only time will tell, though.

However, if the Cardinals went out and traded for Murray, this wouldn't even be an issue. We know what Murray is capable of. There's a reason he signed a big extension with Arizona, whether or not he sticks around. He is still, at the moment, a franchise type of quarterback.

And that's something Washington fans can rest easily in knowing, should they see Murray in a Commanders jersey next season.