Telling Josh Harris quote leaves no doubt about Commanders' intent

The times are going to change...

Josh Harris
Josh Harris / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

A telling quote from Washington Commanders majority owner Josh Harris left no doubt about his long-term intentions for the franchise.

Josh Harris and his wealthy ownership group have already made some impressive changes. The Washington Commanders were in desperate need of legitimate investment after being left to rot under reclusive former owner Dan Snyder. It wasn't going to happen overnight, but re-laying the foundations brick by brick is officially underway.

Harris is getting an $86 million loan from the league to significantly upgrade what's now known as Commanders Field. The team's practice facility is also undergoing substantial renovations in time for the return of organized team activities. This is just a start, but it's a positive step in the right direction nonetheless.

Of course, altering perceptions around the league is the most important - and biggest - stumbling block. The presence of general manager Adam Peters and head coach Dan Quinn is making veterans actively choose the Commanders. This will count for nothing if the football product doesn't improve and the facilities don't become industry-leading rather than proverbial relics.

Josh Harris wants more for the Commanders

The majority partner gave a telling comment when asked about the annual NFLPA survey that didn't exactly paint the Commanders in a good light. It was a short statement. However, it left no doubt as to Harris' intent for the franchise moving forward.

Statement made.

Actions speak louder than words. Harris knew what he was taking on before his group parted ways with $6.05 billion to wrestle the organization from Snyder's grasp. This is going to be a long-term plan, but there's a growing belief that the correct men are in power at all levels.

Where once there was nothing but dismay, there is hope.

Harris is working on a new stadium site as we speak. Venues in Maryland, DC, and Virginia have thrown their hat in the ring. The legislation surrounding RFK Stadium received a seal of approval from none other than NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during his press availability at the owners' meetings. That seems significant, but there is a lot of hard work ahead before plans become final.

One thing is clear above all else. The Commanders aren't going to be a laughingstock under Harris' watch. That goes for on the field or off it.

Having grown up in the area, Harris knows full well what waking a sleeping giant would mean. This remains one of the league's storied franchises in a big market with a deeply passionate fanbase. They just want to believe again and the new regime has gone a long way to achieving this objective.

The Commanders were an easy target embroiled in disgrace when Snyder held absolute power. Harris is going about his business with far more conviction and professionalism. That alone is making everyone sit up and take notice of what's being done and what might be ahead for Washington in the coming years.

This is not an F- operation anymore. It's been a long time since the team's long-suffering fanbase could say that.