Ranking every Commanders starting quarterback from the Dan Snyder era

Taylor Heinicke
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D – as in DISMAL

Danny Wuerffel - Former Commanders QB

  • Record: 2-2

Danny Wuerffel was the lesser of the two Florida Gators Steve Spurrier brought with him in 2002. He was good in college. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Dwayne Haskins - Former Commanders QB

  • Record: 3-10

I feel bad about ranking Dwayne Haskins this low, and it is only partly due to the tragedy that took his life at 24 years old. As much as anyone on this list, he suffered from the mismanagement of a dysfunctional franchise.

His coach didn’t want him, and instead of encouraging him to go out and make plays – mistakes be damned – he put a leash on him and had him playing more and more tentatively as time went on. It got so bad that the former first-round pick was cut before the end of his second season with the team.

Haskins has to bear a lot of the blame as well. He never seemed mature enough to take on the role of an NFL starter, and he never got the chance to disprove that perception.

Case Keenum - Former Commanders QB

  • Record: 1-7

Case Keenum was a career backup who parlayed one great season with the Minnesota Vikings into a couple of decent contracts. His numbers were not all that bad. He simply wasn’t an explosive playmaker.

Keenum remains in the league as a backup, which is where he should be.

Josh Johnson - Former Commanders QB

  • Record: 1-2

Josh Johnson has played with 14 different NFL teams and has been a member of the San Francisco 49ers on four separate occasions. He has played in the XFL and in the UFL.

Johnson is the NFL’s definitive journeyman. And he’s also better than Mark Sanchez, the man he replaced as a starter at the end of the catastrophic 2018 season.

Remember that game Sanchez was trailing 34-0 at halftime? Johnson came in and averted the shutout with two fourth-quarter touchdowns. He even converted both two-point tries.

Yep – with Johnson at quarterback, Washington won the second half of that game 16-7.

Rex Grossman - Former Commanders QB

  • Record: 6-10

By the time he came to Washington - again, at the end of his career - Rex Grossman was largely a punchline. As in “Knock knock – Who’s there? – A terrible quarterback – Oh, hi, Rex Grossman.”

Like Keenum, Grossman was also a career backup who had one miraculous season. Truth be told, he wasn’t as bad as some would have you believe. But he sure wasn’t very good either.

Colt McCoy - Former Commanders QB

  • Record: 1-6

Colt McCoy also was a career backup but followed a different path from Keenum and Grossman. He entered the league as a starter but when he proved unsuccessful, he settled into the backup role rather well.

McCoy actually is one of the better backups Washington has had, but simply could not stay healthy whenever he did get the chance to start.

Shane Matthews - Former Commanders QB

  • Record: 3-4

Shane Matthews was the better of the two Florida Gators that coach Spurrier brought in. He wasn’t good either, but he was better than Danny Wuerffel. Faint praise.