Ranking every Commanders starting quarterback from the Dan Snyder era

Taylor Heinicke
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F – as in FAILURE

Jeff George - Former Commanders QB

  • Record: 1-6

You can argue that the next three quarterbacks on the list were worse than Jeff George. They were clearly less talented. Then again, most who have ever taken a snap in the NFL were less talented than the former No. 1 overall pick out of Illinois.

He was a member of seven different franchises and though his career numbers are respectable, he managed just three winning seasons. I rank George dead last because of what he meant to the franchise.

Washington had an above-average quarterback in Brad Johnson, but new owner Dan Snyder wanted the flashier name. He forced him onto Norv Turner and then tried to do the same with Marty Schottenheimer the following season.

Marty’s response? He cut George after two games of the 2001 season. Think of how bad you have to be for the coach to cut you – not bench you – but simply cut you after just two games. That’s how bad George was.

Mark Sanchez - Former Commanders QB

  • Record: 0-2

Speaking of getting benched, Mark Sanchez was brought in as an emergency replacement when both Alex Smith and Colt McCoy suffered season-ending injuries a couple of weeks apart in 2018. It was an odd choice, and he was truly awful.

Jay Gruden benched him at halftime of his second game, with Washington trailing the 5-8 New York Giants at home 34-0. At that point, Sanchez had thrown for 38 yards, with two picks and had five sacks. He was not heard from in the NFL again.

John Beck - Former Commanders QB

  • Record: 0-3

If Mike Shanahan had not proclaimed John Beck the top quarterback coming out of college in 2007, his flameout as a short-time starter four years later would be little more than a footnote. Actually, it’s still just a footnote.

Only with a little dig at Shanny along the way. As with the two preceding names, Washington would be Beck’s final stop on his NFL ride.

Tim Hasselbeck - Former Commanders QB

  • Record: 1-4

His 6-foot-4 brother Matt would play 16 years, earn three Pro Bowls and play in a Super Bowl. The 6-foot-1 Tim Hasselbeck would go on to have a pretty good career as a sports journalist.

At least Washington wasn’t his final NFL stop, though it was the only place he ever actually threw a pass.

Donovan McNabb - Former Commanders QB

  • Record: 5-8

If you’re an easy grader and want to give Donovan McNabb a D, go ahead. I won’t argue.

I’m giving him an F because he tortured us for years as the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback. Then, when he came to D.C., he didn’t seem to want to be here.

Like George, he had a negative influence on the team that goes beyond his numbers. The fact that we gave up a second and fourth-round pick to get him just adds insult to misery.

Carson Wentz - Former Commanders QB

  • Record: 2-5

The Commanders repeated the McNabb folly with Carson Wentz. They wasted a couple of draft picks on a once-promising player who could no longer play.

You could make the case that McNabb should be rated ahead of Wentz, but you’re splitting some tiny hairs there. I have Wentz at the top of the Fs because he proved to be a bland non-entity whereas McNabb was downright surly.