Ranking every Commanders pick from the 2024 NFL Draft

Adam Peters got a tremendous draft haul.
Mike Sainristil
Mike Sainristil / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Adam Peters was heaped with praise after his first NFL Draft as leader of the Washington Commanders front office. He managed things professionally and with purpose, finding immediate contributors and intriguing athletic development pieces who could hopefully play key roles over time.

Everything has to come together on the field and Washington's recruits from the college ranks must integrate effectively. But the signs are positive heading into what promises to be an exciting new era for the franchise.

The Commanders are in a much better position now than when the 2023 season ended. Things had become stagnant beyond measure under Ron Rivera and the toxic stain of Dan Snyder's ownership was another blight on this once-proud organization. After so long in the proverbial abyss, there is light at the end of a very dark tunnel at long last.

Looking at the bounty of selections made by Peters, we ranked every Commanders' pick from the 2024 NFL Draft. This was based on talent, value at the time they were picked, and what they could potentially bring to the nation's capital in the short and long term.

9. Dominique Hampton - Commanders S

  • Safety | Washington Huskies
  • Round No. 5 | No. 161 overall

The Washington Commanders didn't have a glaring need for safety reinforcements despite letting Kamren Curl walk in free agency. Jeremy Chinn was signed as a replacement and Darrick Forrest's return from injury should help, but that didn't stop those in power from getting another intriguing development option further down the pecking order.

Dominique Hampton came into the draft process on the back of an outstanding college campaign with the Washington Huskies. He's physical and a willing contributor closer to the line of scrimmage against the run. There is some work ahead in coverage, but the defensive back could play a huge role on special teams while refining his craft.

Nobody is expecting miracles from Hampton right away. That said, he could push some established figures such as Jeremy Reaves and Percy Butler for rotational reps sooner than expected with a smooth transition.