Ranking Commanders' offensive position groups against NFC East rivals in 2023

How does the Washington Commanders offense compare to those within the division?

Terry McLaurin and Curtis Samuel
Terry McLaurin and Curtis Samuel / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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How do the Washington Commanders' position groups on offense stack up against their NFC East rivals heading into the upcoming 2023 season?

Ah, July 2023. My pour-over tastes better and my comb-over looks better this morning. The notorious D.C. humidity has temporarily drained from the air and no one – not a soul – is protesting outside any branch of government. Now that there is a new owner in town, I, like most Washington Commanders fans, am expecting a run of at least 10 straight Super Bowls.

But one of my killjoy “expert” friends tells me that the players still have to compete on the field. With that in mind, let's take a look at how this year's Commanders stack up against the rest of the NFC East on a position-by-position basis.

We’ll start with the offense. A contentious point for the Commanders given how poorly it performed last season thanks to subpar quarterback play and an offensive line not fit for purpose.

I’m going to give away the end right up front. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to come on top in this “on paper” analysis. And the Dallas Cowboys are going to be dissed big-time. I’m sorry, but 50 years of hearing how they are a team of destiny may be showing through.

As a whole, they are the most overrated franchise in any major North American sport. The New York Knicks are second.

Anyway, with those spoilers out of the way, let’s look at each position group in the NFC East.