Ranking Commanders' nine biggest NFL Draft gems of the last decade

Some far exceeded expectations...
Darrick Forrest
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1. Terry McLaurin

  • Wide Receiver | Ohio State Buckeyes
  • No. 76 overall | 2019 NFL Draft

To say the Washington Commanders got more than they bargained for with Terry McLaurin would be an understatement. The wide receiver offered some promise as a third-round selection with upside. Not many envisaged him to become one of the league's most productive and underrated wide receivers throughout his glittering career so far.

McLaurin's sharp route-running, dependability in key moments, and evolving leadership quickly made him an indispensable member of the roster. The fact he's put up such decent numbers with almost no consistent quarterback play is a testament to his talent. Something that made handing him a lucrative contract extension an easy one.

Despite another campaign spiraling into oblivion last season, McLaurin remained resolute and gave it absolutely everything. That couldn't be said for everybody, so striving to get the Ohio State product over the 1,000-yard receiving mark during Washington's season finale was only right.

Amid such wholesale changes across the board, McLaurin is a constant. He's the offense's locker room alpha, someone others look to for inspiration, advice, and guidance. There seems a renewed purpose in the player's mindset as he gets set to welcome the Commanders' new rookie quarterback, whoever that might be.

The Commanders are lucky to have McLaurin. More help in the wideout room would be helpful, but the veteran is firmly established as the team's No. 1 option until further notice.