Ranking the 10 best moves from dramatic Commanders 2024 offseason

It's been a memorable offseason for the Commanders.
Frankie Luvu
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3. Commanders signed Frankie Luvu

Of all the additions made by the Washington Commanders in free agency, none comes with more intrigue than Frankie Luvu. The ferocious linebacker opted to turn down an extension offer from the Carolina Panthers to join Dan Quinn in the nation's capital. He believes the coach's dynamic scheme can help him enter the elite category, so expectations couldn't be higher heading into his debut season with the franchise.

Luvu's emergence into one of the league's most explosive off-ball linebackers over the last two seasons has been remarkable to watch. He's passionate, instinctive, and always seems to be in a position to make things happen. The athletic traits are absolutely off the charts, so it's not hard to see why the Commanders identified the former Washington State star as a high-priority signing when the legal tampering period began.

If Luvu imposes himself immediately and takes on advice from teammate Bobby Wagner, this is going to be a significant piece of business for the Commanders. Something they desperately required at the defensive second level after the unit became an ongoing afterthought in Ron Rivera's strategy.

2. Commanders drafted Jayden Daniels

After much deliberation and thorough assessments, the Commanders found their franchise quarterback at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. Jayden Daniels has the expectancy of an entire franchise on his young shoulders, but he's more than capable of meeting short and long-term targets upon further examination of his credentials.

Daniels improved with every passing year in college. His final campaign at LSU was nothing short of remarkable and resulted in winning the Heisman Trophy. Now, he gets the chance to take one of the league's most historic franchises out of the proverbial abyss and back to the NFL's top table.

The signal-caller received rave reviews up to now for a seamless early transition. There's a lot of hard work ahead and it won't be all smooth sailing for Daniels, but the Commanders believe they finally have a quarterback capable of leading them to the promised land once again.

It's a lot to ask. Thankfully, Daniels has the talent, poise, and natural aura to achieve some incredibly lofty objectives throughout his NFL career.

1. Commanders hired Adam Peters

Adam Peters and the Commanders were a match made in heaven from the outset. Josh Harris' ownership group keyed in on the respected front office figure for the vacant general manager role immediately. After lengthy discussions, this was the opportunity he'd been waiting for.

To say Peters has established himself right out of the gate would be an understatement. He's re-established a strong working culture and professionalism that were sorely lacking previously. No leaks are coming from the Commanders anymore, replaced by a cohesive way of thinking and decisions that have the team's best interests at heart.

Peters gutted the roster and made a plethora of additions without jeopardizing future financial flexibility. He's also begun to shake up the front office, finding progressive thinkers who are fully on board with his plans long-term.

If things continue on a similar path in the coming years, Peters might end up being one of the finest additions in franchise history. There's a long to go before that, but the general manager is off to the best possible start.