Ranking the 10 best moves from dramatic Commanders 2024 offseason

It's been a memorable offseason for the Commanders.
Frankie Luvu
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6. Commanders drafted Johnny Newton

The Washington Commanders probably weren't anticipating Johnny Newton being around at No. 36 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. They had the defensive lineman pretty high on their board according to Adam Peters despite some injury issues. When he fell out of the first round and into their laps, those in power weren't going to pass up such an opportunity.

Newton is a game-wrecker capable of becoming a highly productive starter in the NFL. He's got another foot fracture to deal with this offseason, but the Commanders can bring him along gradually thanks to the presence of Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne as their starting defensive tackle tandem.

Providing Newton's rehabilitation goes well and this is the last of his health worries, the long-term upside surrounding this selection is enormous. Getting the chance to learn from Allen and Payne is going to be an incredible tool, so there might be 31 other teams kicking themselves at turning down the former Illinois star when it's all said and done.

5. Commanders signed Bobby Wagner

Bobby Wagner's stay in Washington might only last for one season, but the impact he can make is substantial. The perennial All-Pro linebacker's arrival represented a significant statement of intent from the Commanders. It was also a move that got everyone around the league looking at their fortunes differently.

Wagner is a little long in the tooth these days, but his 183 tackles last season were a career-high and a sign that there is a lot of good football left. He'll raise standards, help the offense and defense with their preparations, in addition to aiding the likes of Frankie Luvu and Jamin Davis in pursuit of taking their games up another notch.

Linking back up with Dan Quinn and Ken Norton Jr. was the big tipping point for Wagner. However, he won't want to end his first-ballot Pro Football Hall of Fame career on a sour note, so the veteran must believe the Commanders can make strides immediately.

4. Commanders hired Dan Quinn

Dan Quinn wasn't everyone's choice to become Commanders head coach. However, he was always high on the shortlist of Josh Harris and Adam Peters. When Ben Johnson spurned the chance for a second interview whilst Washington's contingent was traveling to Detroit, they went with the Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator instead.

Quinn is one of the most respected coaches anywhere in the league. He led the Atlanta Falcons to a Super Bowl and helped Dallas' defense become one of the NFL's best under his leadership. It's been an impressive start from the coach, using his contacts to form a prolific staff and helping get the right characters into the building throughout a frantic period of free agency.

This is the second head coaching opportunity Quinn's been waiting for. His enthusiasm and purpose have been evident throughout the opening stages of his transition, but he must get everyone on the same page this offseason to hit the ground running.

It's a big challenge, but one Quinn seems to be relishing on his potential road to redemption.