One thing can stop Chase Young trade rumors, but the Commanders won't oblige

Chase Young
Chase Young / Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

One thing could end all the trade rumors surrounding defensive end Chase Young, but the Washington Commannders aren't going to oblige.

Not a day goes by without another trade-touted or speculative piece published surrounding Chase Young. This is hardly surprising when one considers what's unfolded between the defensive end and the Washington Commanders this offseason, with his return to practice doing nothing to quash the notion he'll be dealt if a big offer from elsewhere comes along.

Young looked explosive and focused throughout Washington's mandatory minicamp. The Commanders took things slowly in terms of reps where the No. 2 overall selection is concerned, which was completely the right call given how many games have been missed since his NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year campaign in 2020.

Not picking up Young's fifth-year option puts the Commanders in a future financial predicament. He'll be out of contract alongside fellow defensive end Montez Sweat next spring and those in power cannot possibly keep both on the books from a roster-building standpoint.

Commanders brought Chase Young speculation on themselves

That's why a trade keeps coming up. And there seems to be plenty of teams being linked with a move for Young if the Commanders did start taking calls, which is possible according to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated.

While it would be a bombshell of epic proportions if the Commanders gave Young away at this stage, it's a situation that might become more realistic if the player's form doesn't improve over the first few weeks of the season. Although the compensation wouldn't be anything compared to what Washington could get before the campaign.

Everyone is looking to fill up column inches at this stage of the offseason. That's why it's unlikely that the rumors surrounding Young and a potential trade aren't going away anytime soon.

Of course, there is one thing the Commanders could do to quash this once and for all aside from Ron Rivera actually coming out and saying publicly he isn't available for trade under any circumstances. But it's highly unlikely Washington will oblige.

What's that, I hear you ask. It is, obviously, reaching an agreement on a long-term extension with the player.

Obviously, this seems unrealistic considering Young's career trajectory and their refusal to pick up his option. There is also the small matter of ownership changing hands to consider, which Rivera freely admitted is putting everything on hold until Josh Harris' group gets their $6.05 billion purchase of the Commanders formally approved.

This might seem like an inconceivable notion regarding Young's extension, but it could save the Commanders more in the long run. If there was a preference, it would be to make a financial commitment to Sweat, who looks more reliable and productive based on his first four years in the league.

According to Spotrac, Young is set to command an annual salary of $17.8 million on a four-year, $71.55 million deal. This is top-five money for the position currently and something that Washington might be reluctant to offer even if he enjoys a bounce-back campaign in 2023.

This is a problem the Commanders brought on themselves in a weird way. They have no control over injuries, obviously, but spending so much high-end draft capital on their defensive front meant this was always going to be a likely scenario.

As for the trade talk, stand pat until further notice.