NFL writer urges NFC North team to call Commanders about Jonathan Allen

The rumor mill is churning once again...
Jonathan Allen
Jonathan Allen / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Speculation surrounding a trade for Jonathan Allen has resurfaced after the Washington Commanders selected Johnny Newton at No. 36 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. Although this probably wasn't high on Adam Peters' list of priorities, the front-office leader decided that picking up such an exceptional prospect was an opportunity he couldn't turn down in the grand scheme of things.

This puts the cat amongst the pigeons, so to speak. Dan Quinn and Joe Whitt Jr. will need to find a role for Newton immediately despite the Commanders having a starting defensive tackle tandem in place. It also raises the urgency around Allen and Daron Payne to bounce back after disappointing campaigns in 2023.

Many around the league believe Allen and the Commanders will come to a crossroads at some stage. According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, league sources believe Washington will need to offer the former first-round pick an extension or look to get something back in return for the player by moving him on.

Commanders shouldn't trade Jonathan Allen in 2024

While Peters has already declared his intent to keep Allen around next season, things can change quickly. It would be a bombshell of epic proportions if the lineman was moved before Dan Quinn's first campaign. But the general manager could be more receptive to offers next year depending on the player's performance levels.

Isaac Zuniga from Last Word on Sports tabbed the Chicago Bears as a potential trade destination for Allen in the unlikely event Washington is open to offers. The writer even claimed Ryan Poles might be able to get less than market value thanks to Newton's presence on the roster.

"Trading for [Jonathan] Allen would be an upgrade for the Bears. Since the Commanders have a loaded defensive line, the Bears might be able to give up less draft capital to obtain Allen in a trade. To put things into perspective, many fans believed there was no way the Bears could and would trade for Keenan Allen. Fast-forward and the Bears only traded a fourth-round pick to acquire Keenan. So, if the Bears are serious about making a playoff push next season, look for them to be interested in trading for Jonathan Allen."

The Bears and others around the NFL might have an interest in Allen. But it'll take an astronomical offer to move Peters from his current stance.

Allen promises to play an integral role in Washington's first season under the new regime. He's the defensive locker room alpha and seems on board with the shift in approach after displaying significant frustrations during the final campaign under previous head coach Ron Rivera. Replacing his influence would be difficult at this juncture.

Every player has a price. The Commanders have shown that already under Josh Harris' ownership by moving Chase Young, Montez Sweat, and Sam Howell. At the same time, parting ways with such a big presence on and off the field wouldn't be wise in the grand scheme of things.

Good teams don't trade their best players. Despite Allen's down year by his typically high standards last time around, that's exactly what he remains.