Looking into Commanders' rookie extension candidates and what they might get

These Commanders players could have their rookie contracts extended soon.

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Kamren Curl - Commanders S

Kamren Curl was a genuine success story under previous head coach Ron Rivera. The former seventh-round selection came in as an afterthought and transformed himself into an integral part of the Washington Commanders' defensive strategy. Now, it's time to pay up.

The Commanders have gotten outstanding production on the cheap where Curl is concerned. His rookie contract was exceptionally good value. He's one of the league's brightest young safeties and deserves to be paid as such.

Curl's game isn't perfect, but he's young enough to keep improving. The Commanders developed a habit of letting good players depart under previous regimes. This is something that has to change under Adam Peters if the franchise wants to become an industry on-field leader once again.

Both sides will have a valuation in mind when it's time to begin negotiations in the coming weeks. Free agency isn't far away and the Commanders cannot afford to lose Curl for nothing. Therefore, the franchise tag becomes realistic if a long-term extension cannot be agreed upon.

Considering the rate of contract inflation around the NFL and the fact Curl is still just 24 years old, the defensive back could get anywhere from $12-15 million per season on his next deal. Something the Commanders should cough up to ensure his backend partnership with Darrick Forrest continues to blossom.