How can Josh Harris' ownership group awaken the sleeping giant Commanders?

The hard work starts now for Josh Harris and his ownership group.

Josh Harris
Josh Harris / Tasos Katopodis/GettyImages

How can Josh Harris and his Washington Commanders ownership group awaken a sleeping giant next season and beyond?

It was a weekend that will live long in the memory of every Washington Commanders fan. Dan Snyder's reign of tyranny and disgrace finally came to an end as other NFL owners formally approved the team's $6.05 billion sale and usher in the Josh Harris group's era at long last.

The scenes of pure joy and relief were nothing short of incredible. Fans celebrated in unison and inspiring speeches from the likes of Mitchell Rales and Magic Johnson seemed to galvanize everyone associated with the organization.

This was obviously a humbling moment for Harris, who looked almost overwhelmed on occasions. He grew up following Washington passionately and remains deeply connected to the area, so the billionaire knows what a big responsibility the ownership group has to get the Commanders back on track.

It's an unenviable challenge awaiting the group. But in an open letter in the Washington Post that also featured on the team's website, Harris wants an inclusive approach and for the Commanders to become a championship-caliber franchise rooted within the community once again.

"It's no secret that these past years have been tumultuous for our franchise and our fans, but today marks a new era for the Commanders. From day one, it is our top priority to deliver you a championship caliber team. With a proven track record of winning across sports and business, we invest and plan for long term success. We listen, we learn, and we are eager to immerse ourselves in this franchise to guide it with the respect and dignity it deserves. Most importantly, we hope to earn your trust. We look forward to meeting you in the community and soon at FedExField and learning how we can make the maximum positive impact. Our promise is simple: We will do the work, create the culture and make the investment needed to deliver for this team and for Washington."

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Nobody is expecting miracles straight away. There isn't much time before Week 1 to implement widespread changes, so Harris and his group should focus their time on restoring faith among the fans, repairing relationships in the media, making stadium improvements, and keeping a close eye on how things are unfolding on the football side of things.

Discussions regarding a new stadium site will take place and contingency plans should be made in the event Ron Rivera cannot meet expectations in 2023. But the most important thing of all is being present, accountable, and transparent - traits that were a foreign concept to Snyder throughout his 24-year stint at the helm.

The Commanders have already exceeded all revenue from the 2022 season before a down has been played. That alone indicates the level of thirst among the fans to witness a better product and enjoy their experience at FedEx Field.

Harris has the acumen to make a real go of this immense opportunity. Johnson and Rales also have vitally important roles to play, but this is a project that must be stripped down and built from the bottom up for it to thrive.

The Commanders are a sleeping giant. If Harris and his team can wake it, they'll be sitting on an absolute goldmine.