Josh Harris' meeting presence triggers Commanders fan PTSD over Dan Snyder

This is not Dan Snyder...
Josh Harris
Josh Harris / Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Harris' presence in quarterback prospect meetings has alarmed some Washington Commanders fans. But it's not that deep.

The Washington Commanders are looking forward to a brighter new era without Dan Snyder. However, the scar tissue from his disastrous two-decade reign of terror remains. Something evident after news about Josh Harris' presence at the NFL Scouting Combine surfaced.

Adam Schefter of ESPN revealed that the Commanders' new majority partner was in Indianapolis with consultant Bob Myers. He wasn't there to simply enjoy the fine cuisine Indianapolis has to offer. The senior insider stated that Harris was present in the meetings Washington had with all the top quarterbacks emerging from the college ranks this year.

"Attending his first combine as the Washington Commanders owner, Josh Harris has sat in and taken part of each of the six interviews that the team has conducted with the top quarterback prospects in this draft. Most owners don’t attend the combine; Harris is not only in Indianapolis, but a part of the quarterback interview process."

Adam Schefter via X

This sent alarm bells ringing with some of Washington's long-suffering fanbase. They remember how Snyder became heavily involved in the football recruitment process. In some cases, he'd even pull rank and demand a specific prospect or free-agent signing. Almost every time, his meddling failed spectacularly.

Commanders fans should trust Josh Harris' new regime

One can forgive fans for pressing the panic button. It's similar to the old regime. They've been emotionally damaged throughout the Snyder years. It's going to take time for confidence to return fully as the Commanders look to build the bridges needed to make this organization complete after so long in tatters.

Sam Fortier from the Washington Post provided more clarity about Harris' involvement in the six quarterback meetings. The reporter added that he was simply there to observe rather than ask questions. This is a far cry from the way Snyder went about his business.

As you were.

Harris has every right to be in whatever meetings he wants. This is a big decision facing the Commanders this offseason - the biggest above all else given positional importance. His ownership group also paid $6.05 billion for the franchise, so they'll want to see everything being done thoroughly and the right way without becoming too heavily involved in the decision-making process.

That will be down to general manager Adam Peters, head coach Dan Quinn, and their respective staff teams. Again, this is worlds apart from Snyder throwing his weight around and treating the organization like his personal game of Madden franchise mode.

Commanders fans are dealing with some PTSD when it comes to Snyder. There will be other times when things look similar to his methods, but it won't be anything like the same situation looking at the people within the building right now. More importantly, they are working in unison - not living in absolute fear of what one owner holding all the cards is going to do next.

Harris also has something Snyder didn't do upon buying the team. He's owned sports franchises previously. He'll therefore know when to step in and when to take a back seat and let the qualified people make decisions. That alone should inspire confidence that the new power structure in place is exactly what the Commanders need.

We get it, Snyder left a mark. But Harris being at the quarterback prospect meetings is just standard procedure.