Josh Harris lays down the gauntlet ahead of pivotal Commanders' draft

Josh Harris is expecting big things...

Josh Harris
Josh Harris / Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Commanders majority owner Josh Harris raised the stakes ahead of a pitoval 2024 NFL Draft for the franchise.

No team has more picks in the top 100 than the Washington Commanders during the 2024 NFL Draft. How they spend this rich capital will go a long way to determining how long their rebuild back into contention is going to take.

Washington is armed with the No. 2 overall selection and six picks in the first three rounds. Their needs have diminished following a frantic free agency, but general manager Adam Peters is still under pressure to find the right prospects and personalities capable of contributing in the short and long term.

He's got experience of being influential in draft war rooms and front offices throughout his time in the league. Being the final decision-maker is a different ball game entirely, so the general manager must navigate the selection event with the same efficiency he's accomplished everything else up to now.

Josh Harris wants a strong Commanders draft in 2024

Make no mistake, Josh Harris will be watching intently.

The Commanders' majority owner has been an innocent bystander on the football side since his consortium bought the franchise from Dan Snyder for $6.05 billion. He's going to let the qualified people make the decisions, but that's not to say he isn't expecting big things from the draft bounty Washington accumulated thanks in no small part to trading Montez Sweat, Chase Young, and Sam Howell.

Harris freely admitted as much during his media availability at the NFL owners' meetings via Fan Nation. While the primary focus centers on the quarterback conundrum at No. 2 overall, the billionaire is also anticipating a plethora of exciting prospects that fit the mold of what the Commanders are trying to accomplish.

"We got the number two pick in the draft, right? So that's obviously a very important pick. And we have many picks in the top 100 and we've done it that way on purpose. So, it's important for us to have a very strong draft for sure."

Josh Harris via Fan Nation

This laid down the gauntlet to Peters, head coach Dan Quinn, and others part of the process. The heat is on to a certain extent, but one draft isn't going to solve all the Commanders' problems. It needs to be a gradual process with sustained growth year on year. After that, they'll hopefully be in a position to call themselves perennial contenders.

However, the Commanders might not have an opportunity like this again, If they can find a franchise quarterback, secure a long-term left tackle, and use their other selections wisely, it's a tremendous foundation from which to build. Anything less and those in power will be playing catch up.

Harris hasn't shown a willingness to meddle in roster construction with the other sports franchises he owns. After all, he's likely paying Peters and Quinn a substantial amount to take the lead. He'll observe quietly and hope that most - if not all - Washington's picks can bear fruit.

Easier said than done where the draft is concerned. But the more picks you have, the more chances there are to strike lucky.

And there is no better man to oversee this process than Peters. That's the biggest positive above all else.