How can Jayden Daniels propel the Commanders' offense in 2024?

The new quarterback has the potential to take the NFL by storm.
Kliff Kingsbury and Jayden Daniels
Kliff Kingsbury and Jayden Daniels / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The NFL is a quarterback-driven league. Although the Washington Commanders have made some impressive alterations throughout their first offseason under Adam Peters' leadership, they'll only go as far as Jayden Daniels takes them.

Daniels cannot do it alone - one only has to look at how Bryce Young fared during his debut campaign with the Carolina Panthers to see that. However, if the No. 2 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft cannot meet some lofty expectations, it'll considerably derail the Commanders' aspirations under their new regime.

There is a lot to like about Daniels. He's got a quiet magnetism to his demeanor and an electrifying playing style not seen in Washington since Robert Griffin III took the league by storm. The Heisman Trophy winner out of LSU is also fiercely driven, aiming to leave his mark right out of the gate.

Commanders must mold their scheme around Jayden Daniels' strengths

How can Daniels achieve this? Alex Ballentine from The Bleacher Report thinks the onus falls on offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury to mold his scheme around the signal-caller's strengths. Something that should also maximize the outstanding weapons at the team's disposal for good measure.

"It's going to be crucial for new offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury to cater his game plan and philosophy to [Jayden] Daniels' skill set. Kingsbury was behind some good offenses with Kyler Murray in his time at Arizona. Daniels is a different style of quarterback but should thrive in a system that leans on RPOs early on to take advantage of Daniels' running ability. Ahead of the draft, B/R's Derrik Klassen noted in his scouting report that Daniels would "be best in an offense that leans into his rushing ability and vertical passing, similar to Kyler Murray or Jalen Hurts." Getting [Austin] Ekeler, [Terry] McLaurin and [Jahan] Dotson involved in an offense that makes sense for Daniels is the way to the Commanders outperforming their rank."

Kingsbury will have a plan to ensure Daniels is given every opportunity to thrive immediately. He's worked with dual-threat quarterbacks before and had success. Providing a sense of freedom to be creative is also something that can work in Washington's favor when competitive action arrives.

Much will depend on the offensive line and whether it can withstand the inevitable pressure coming their way. It won't always be perfect, but Daniels must ride the waves that typically unfold with first-year quarterbacks and demonstrate the poise to come through in clutch situations.

If Daniels can accomplish this and other position groups on offense meet their respective targets, this unit should take a notable surge forward. By how much remains to be seen, but alleviating any concerns some have about the player's skill set translating to the next level would be a good place to start.

The Commanders could use another wide receiver capable of producing the goods. There's also the small matter of what the coaching staff has planned for the left tackle spot after releasing Charles Leno Jr. and drafting Brandon Coleman at No. 76 overall.

These two potential complications will have grave implications for Daniels if they aren't solved effectively. Either way, fans will be eager to see what sort of quarterback they have on their hands. Even if the results might not be smooth sailing initially.