Eric Bieniemy's 'take no prisoners' approach should help Commanders thrive in 2023

Eric Bieniemy
Eric Bieniemy / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Bieniemy's 'take no prisoners' approach since joining the Washington Commanders could be the key to genuine progression in 2023.

Eric Bieniemy is a passionate man and loves the game of football. These intangibles have been evident throughout his brief time with Washington Commanders and a glittering playing career that transitioned smoothly into the coaching ranks.

The Commanders are expecting big things from Bieniemy as their offensive guru in 2023. Bringing some of that winning formula from the Kansas City Chiefs to the nation's capital is a good place to start - especially considering how much pressure is on Ron Rivera's shoulders once Josh Harris' ownership groups officially get their franchise purchase agreement approved.

This switch must go well for Bieniemy, too. He knows anything less would see his future head coaching aspirations in tatters, so it was no surprise to see him leave a formidable mark from the outset of early offseason workouts.

Bieniemy is holding everyone to high standards. He wants the tempo increased and isn't afraid to let people know when they aren't executing effectively - something that's already had a positive effect on second-year wideout Jahan Dotson if his comments via the team's website are any indication.

"It's awesome to have someone who holds you to such a high standard. He only wants success out of you. That's all he wants to see. He wants to see you succeed at all times."

Jahan Dotson via

This is not Bieniemy ruling with an iron fist.

Far from it, actually.

His methods center on accountability, doing your job, and making sure effort is always at maximum levels. Otherwise, as put by Commanders' senior writer Zach Selby, there's a high chance Bieniemy read them the riot act in no uncertain terms regardless of their depth chart standing.

"Bieniemy stands about 30 yards away from the offense so he can get a full view of what everyone is doing, and he is constantly reminding players to get set, run the play and most importantly, finish. Bieniemy is also not afraid to call players out in front of their teammates. In fact, he even told the entire starting offense to get off the field near the end of one practice. But Bieniemy doesn't yell just to be loud and boisterous; rather, everything he says or does is for a purpose, and the players love it."

Zach Selby,

Having Bieniemy around is also allowing Rivera to take a back seat and assess from afar. He'll have his moments during Washington's upcoming training camp, but it would be a surprise if this trend didn't continue when preparations get more serious.

Bieniemy has been to the top of the mountain. That alone is something that commands instant respect and represents a goal many current Washington players haven't come close to accomplishing.

If Bieniemy can improve the offense enough and Washington's defense maintains its exceptional performance levels under Jack Del Rio, it's hard to envisage a scenario where the Commanders aren't competitive at the very least. And who knows, that might be all the play-caller needs to convince another organization he's worthy of full control when the next head coaching cycle arrives.