Commanders sale: Farewell Dan Snyder, you will not be missed

Nobody will be remembering Dan Snyder's time as Commanders owner with any fondness.

Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder / Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

After 24 years of complete incompetence, Dan Snyder's time as Washington Commanders owner is about to end. He will not be missed.

It's almost hard to fathom that after 24 years, we are now in the final 24 hours of Dan Snyder's time as Washington Commanders owner. The billionaire came in with a dream of leading the team he'd supported as a boy to NFL dominance, but it didn't take long for this to become a nightmare at his hand.

Washington's enjoyed very little on-field success under Snyder's watch. Unmotivated players, big money moves on questionable veterans in free agency, hiring the wrong coaches, letting the right ones walk without so much as a thank you, and almost everything else in between have been hallmarks of the most disappointing era in franchise history spanning almost a generation.

Couple this with a crumbling FedEx Field, allegations galore, being ostracized from the league, toxic workplace culture, blackmail, corruption, and sexual misconduct, one could make a strong case for Snyder being the worst owner in North American sports history.

Commanders will not miss Dan Snyder whatsoever

The bitter Snyder was also threatening to delay the upcoming sale vote based on indemnification relating to the Jon Gruden email leaks according to Nicki Jhabvala and Mark Maske from The Washington Post. Thankfully everyone came to a compromise that appeased both sides - leaving owners with the simple task of voting in the Josh Harris group's exciting new era when they meet tomorrow.

Once the news breaks, celebration, elation, and every other positive emotion known to man will envelop Commanders' fans around the world. Tears of joy and relief will be shed, with bars across D.C. sure to be raising a glass to the sale and Snyder's demise.

And yet, Rick Snider’s Washington put forth the asinine notion that some Commanders fans would actually miss the disgraced owner.

This is the football version of Stockholm Syndrome, which can be defined as "feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor". While less torment than a typical kidnap situation, being forced to endure Snyder's constant mismanagement of team affairs and lack of any accountability has been the roughest ride imaginable.

So what if the Commanders don't have a scapegoat anymore? Do you know what fans have instead?


Not once over the decades has Snyder ever offered that. Everything he put his hand to somehow turned to rubble and those brave people who came forward about Washington's culture behind the scenes were the straw that broke the camel's back.

Harris' group taking over immediately piles the pressure on Ron Rivera and others within the franchise, which could go either way as pertains to their chances. Some fans addicted to misery will also find the transition to a potentially prosperous future difficult.

But under no circumstances will Snyder be missed.

Nobody will remember Snyder with any fondness or care much that he feels like a scapegoat. In turn, the outgoing owner can sit back on his yacht in the Mediterranean or some other stunning part of the world knowing a ton of money was made from doing very little indeed.

The Commanders are wasting no time in moving on. A pep rally has already been arranged for Friday, which is also set to see Harris and his group attend after finally getting the keys to the kingdom.

After that, Snyder's name will rarely be uttered. And nobody - whether it's players, front office figures, owners, or stakeholders - is bigger than the organization itself.

Farewell, Dan. Your legacy will be forgotten in a hurry.