Commanders Rumors: 5 offensive candidates to replace Ron Rivera

It's time the Commanders do what's best for the future of their franchise
Washington Commanders, Ron Rivera
Washington Commanders, Ron Rivera / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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At 3-5, the Washington Commanders aren't necessarily a lost cause yet this season.

But, it's getting there after two losses in a row.

Head coach Ron Rivera may not last much longer this season, and quite frankly, it's probably time to part ways. Rivera has been good for this organization in many ways, and his story is one that will inspire many for years to come. But, for the sake of this current roster and its future, Rivera should be fired. And, with that said, it's time to start thinking about replacement candidates.

If and when the Commanders to let him go, there are five particular offensive minds I would like to see them target. All of them would be good for Sam Howell, but even more importantly, they'd be good for the next franchise quarterback should Howell not wind up being the guy.

1. Josh McCown, Quarterbacks Coach, Carolina Panthers

This first one is the only wild card of the bunch, but Josh McCown's name is going to be brought up in coaching conversations in the coming years. He spent nearly two decades as a quarterback in this league and has been around countless locker rooms, coaches, schemes and ideas. The experience alone is enough to warrant consideration for a higher-paying gig.

But, McCown is more than just knowledge and experience at the quarterback position. He is someone players have always liked being around. McCown is a born leader and someone who is well-respected around the NFL. At the moment, he's getting his chance to work with rookie no. 1 pick Bryce Young in Carolina.

Soon enough, though, McCown will have the chance to do even more as either an offensive coordinator or head coach. Should the Commanders want to take an early chance, McCown would not be a bad option whatsoever.