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Commanders WR Terry McLaurin on differences

Terry McLaurin worked exceptionally hard to suit up for the Washington Commanders on Sunday. The wide receiver is still dealing with a turf toe suffered in their second preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens, but the coaching staff erred on the side of caution with minimal targets to prevent any further complications down the road.

Although McLaurin only received four balls - two of which he brought in for 31 yards - his presence alone was enough to inspire. It also made the Arizona Cardinals think twice about sliding coverage elsewhere given his exceptional talent.

When discussing the game and the entire occasion, McLaurin obviously noted a big difference based on his comments via USA Today Sports. Something the former Ohio State star hopes can continue during the next game at FedEx Field and way into the future.

"Man, it was amazing coming out there. I got chills standing for the national anthem. The saxophone player, I didn’t get to say what’s up to him, but that dude can play, man. The way he played it through, the planes coming over, which is a really cool moment to hear the roar of the crowd. I’ve been here five years, and that was the loudest I’ve probably heard it. It’s good to get a win to hopefully keep that momentum going so the next time we’re at home, we can have a similar outcome."

Terry McLaurin via USA Today Sports

It's evident that those on the field were galvanized by the increased positivity within the stands. There were a few boos when the offense stuttered - but as previously stated, all the history books will show is a win.