Commanders News: Shaka Toney, Jason Wright, Emmanuel Forbes and fans return

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Commanders president confident in Ron Rivera

Once the ownership group led by Josh Harris formally replaces Dan Snyder at the helm, Ron Rivera's coaching seat becomes the hottest in football. Something the respected figure is no doubt fully aware of given how things unfolded during his time with the Carolina Panthers.

While nothing has been confirmed one way or another, the Washington Commanders could be set for wholesale changes if Harris feels like it can benefit the organization. And the pending owner is currently enjoying plenty of success with his other franchises in the hockey and basketball world.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Rivera's future, team president Jason Wright stated via Yahoo Sports that he was confident the current coach could thrive without the added distraction of Snyder lingering over the Commanders.

"I've got a a lot of faith in Ron. Ron, for the first time, is going to be able to lead a football team without the external noise that we've experienced over time. He would never make that as an excuse, he would never let that get into the guys' heads, but I'm curious to see how they perform without some of that in the background."

Jason Wright via Yahoo Sports

This adds to the urgency in 2023 enormously. Rivera knows what will occur if things don't go according to plan, so it might be a playoff-or-bust scenario for Washington unless there is genuine encouragement for the future.