Commanders News: Sam Howell, Terry McLaurin, Mark Ein and Ron Rivera

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Commanders WR Terry McLaurin's leadership

As previously stated, Friday's practice was the most aggressive yet for non-football-related issues. Tempers flared throughout the session, which stemmed from a long week of hitting each other in pads and the Washington Commanders' defense completely dominating from start to finish.

Multiple skirmishes broke out, Nick Gates threw his helmet at a teammate, and Benjamin St-Juste's disrespect towards second-year tight end Cole Tunrer drew the wrath of wide receiver Terry McLaurin. Something that got the attention of everyone given the esteem in which he is held within the locker room.

When discussing McLaurin's leadership and the specific incident in question, Ron Rivera said via Sports Illustrated the wide receiver was absolutely right to step in and draw the line. Another fine example of his emerging leadership as a true team alpha.

"That's leadership right there. Chase Young said it best. He said, well, when Terry starts talking, you know, it's serious. And Terry was right, this is about your teammates, you got to be careful. You got to take care of your teammates and, you know, you hit 'em great and, you know, but let's don't go past that. Let's don't go into the extracurricular stuff, and that's what Terry's point was more than anything else."

Ron Rivera via Sports Illlustrated

McLaurin has a pivotal role to play both on and off the field for the Commanders next season, He's rapidly becoming the face of the franchise and it's clearly a responsibility the former Ohio State star is taking extremely seriously.