Commanders news: Sam Howell, Terry McLaurin, Eric Bieniemy and Jim Schwartz

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Sam Howell
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Eric Bieniemy not focused on the future

Many within the Washington Commanders will be nervously awaiting their fate once the season concludes. Ron Rivera and Martin Mayhew look to be on their way out. This will cause a ripple effect with other staff that should eventually begin enveloping the playing side of things once new appointments arrive.

It's going to be one of the more frantic off-seasons in franchise history. Eric Bieniemy is one of those under the microscope, but the respected offensive mind remains focused on the now rather than what might be ahead based on comments via SB Nation.

"You know what you live in the moment. The only thing I can worry about and control is today. Right now, I’m here having this press conference with you guys, spending this time in this moment with you. We go back inside, obviously, we’ll have an opportunity to watch today’s practice. We’ll continue preparation for Red Zone. So that’s where my focus is. You can only live in this particular moment. You can’t worry about tomorrow. You can take care of tomorrow when tomorrow gets here."

Eric Bieniemy via SB Nation

Bieniemy might get consideration for the Commanders' head coaching job. He is also reportedly being targeted by others who could potentially provide him with a long-awaited promotion. Staying in Washington if he gets overlooked for the top job seems unlikely, but the play-caller won't be out of work for long given the esteem in which he is held around the league.