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Sam Howell
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Commanders want Sam Howell to finish on a high

Ron Rivera made the correct call by seeing things through with Sam Howell. The quarterback has worked hard throughout the campaign. It hasn't gone his way all the time - especially of late - but he stands to gain far more from an improved performance than throwing a less-than-100 percent Jacoby Brissett into the fire.

Howell's future beyond the campaign is uncertain, to put it mildly. The Washington Commanders are set to have the No. 2 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft barring a surprise turn of events in Week 18. From that high in the pecking order, it would be surprising if the new regime didn't identify one of the top quarterback prospects to lead them moving forward.

That wasn't a topic Eric Bieniemy wanted to discuss. The play-caller was more focused on ensuring Howell finished the season strongly after all the effort he's put in based on comments via SB Nation.

"I just want to see Sam finish on a positive note. This kid has worked his tail off this whole entire year, and I just want to see him finish on a high note. I want to see our offense and our team to finish collectively together as a unit that worked their tail off. And they can see the rewards."

Eric Bieniemy via SB Nation

Hopefully, Howell can put together one last big effort and take some positivity from the season. After all, this might be the last time we see the former fifth-rounder under center in Washington.