Commanders News: Sam Howell, Terrell Burgess, Jonathan Allen and injuries

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Terrell Burgess
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Jonathan Allen's latest Commanders critique

Jonathan Allen's done more talking the most this season. If his on-field production had matched, he'd be looking at an All-Pro campaign.

Allen is one of many Washington Commanders not reaching expectations. The defensive tackle even hinted about the possibility of leaving the franchise at the end of the season. Something he's openly admitted to thinking about ahead of a potential collision with Josh Harris' ownership group during the offseason.

During his latest appearance on 106.7 The Fan, Allen admitted the defense hadn't been good enough overall based on comments via USA Today Sports. He also threw some shade on the offense for putting together too many short drives to lend further weight to his unhappiness.

"We could make excuses, but we are just not a good defense right now. It is a huge factor [short offensive possessions]; but there have been a lot of times we (the defense) haven’t held up our end of the bargain. There have been times the offense has done their job, and it’s been the defense who hasn’t done our job."

Jonathan Allen via USA Today Sports

This is about accountability on all sides. The Commanders haven't put many complete games in all three phases together this season. But as one of the senior figures in the locker room, Allen is held to a higher standard. One that he's not met on countless occasions despite his obvious talent.