Commanders News: Sam Howell, Ron Rivera, Jacoby Brissett and Camaron Cheeseman

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Ron Rivera
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Commanders sticking with Sam Howell

It was another indifferent afternoon for Sam Howell. The quarterback is picking the worst possible time to string some bad performances together. Something that's increasing calls for the organization to select a promising talent from the college ranks with their top-four selection in the 2024 NFL Draft as it stands.

Howell was sat down by head coach Ron Rivera after throwing an ill-advised interception across his body. This had been coming all game. There was hesitancy in the signal-caller's distribution and clear regression in his overall performance. Concerning, to say the least.

When speaking about the decision surrounding Howell, head coach Ron Rivera said it was about protecting the former fifth-round pick based on comments via USA Today Sports. The experienced figure left no doubt about his status for next week - he'll be the starter.

"Well, just really trying to take care of him a little bit. He got into a situation and then the ears pinned back like that, [I] didn’t want to see anything crazy. Yes, he is. He is our starting quarterback."

Ron Rivera via USA Today Sports

The urgency for Howell to bounce back versus a decent New York Jets defense on the road next weekend is glaring. He's running out of time to convince any incoming head coach he can be Washington's long-term option under center. Jacoby Brissett's production when installed into the lineup only raises the stakes.