Commanders News: Sam Howell, Ron Rivera, Jacoby Brissett and Camaron Cheeseman

Examining the latest Commanders news and rumors from around the media.

Ron Rivera
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Which Washington Commanders news stories are hitting the headlines following the team's disappointing loss at the Los Angeles Rams in Week 15?

It seems the Washington Commanders didn't learn anything during their bye week. The same problems were evident throughout another loss - their tenth of the campaign - which also came with a controversial benching and a complete lack of execution across the board.

How widespread the changes are going to be across the Commanders this offseason cannot be overstated looking at the current football product. After such a disappointing reverse, the stories causing debate include Sam Howell's benching, Ron Rivera's defensive failings, Camaron Cheeseman's fear, and Terry McLaurin heaping praise on Jacoby Brissett.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Camaron Cheeseman fears Commanders axe

It was yet another woeful outing from Camaron Cheeseman in Week 15. The long snapper couldn't get anything right, constantly falling way short of expectations and in some cases, putting his teammates on special teams in harm's way.

This has been the story of 2023 for Cheeseman. When discussing his poor form, the former sixth-round selection - who Ron Rivera traded up to acquire - seemed surprised he hadn't already been removed from the equation based on comments via Nicki Jhabvala from the Washington Post.

"I mean, I’ve been worried all year. I haven’t been performing the way I’ve been wanting to. Most places, I probably wouldn’t be around still."

Camaron Cheeseman via X/Twitter

It's a damning quote, in all honesty. Rivera's pride and misplaced loyalty are failing to do right by the team. Yet another reason why his time with the Commanders is quickly coming to an end.