Commanders News: Sam Howell, Ron Rivera, 2023 draft class and injury woes

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Commanders HC Ron Rivera's reprieve

It comes as no surprise to see Ron Rivera's future come under the microscope after such an embarrassing loss on primetime against the Chicago Bears. The head coach's seat was among the hottest in football heading into the 2023 campaign, which is thanks in no small part to Josh Harris' ownership group taking charge and assessing everything across the organization.

Rivera's taken everything in his stride so far and been philosophical about his job status. Although some sections of the fanbase are calling for immediate change, Josina Anderson from CBS Sports reported that Harris is willing to be patient - although some limited partners within the Commanders' ownership group hold a different opinion.

"I'm told as of today, managing partner Josh Harris' perspective is to continue to allow things to play out when it comes to potential staff decisions, at this time, per source. Harris is a seasoned sports owner who is viewed internally as generally patient. I'm told one of Harris' biggest concerns now though is the impact an emotional national loss may have on ticket sales--which always has to be taken into account too. Separately, when it comes to any decisions on defensive coordinator, there's an internal impression that Ron Rivera would prefer to allow things to play out. Rivera's relationship with Del Rio goes back a while as well. Now, while I'm told some of the other limited partners have their own thoughts--and you can read between the lines there-- we'll see how things settle as the season evolves. There is still time for better results, but the clock is ticking."

Josina Anderson via X/Twitter

This is positive from Rivera's standpoint. He wanted a fair shot for the entire season and might just get it, but this report indicates changes are being discussed at the very least just five games into the campaign.