Commanders News: Sam Howell, Quan Martin, Dyami Brown and Chase Young

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Seahawks urged to call Commanders about Chase Young

Again, there has been no inkling that the Washington Commanders will consider trading Chase Young before giving the defensive end another opportunity to prove his worth. Not picking up his fifth-year option makes things more complicated, but nothing should be off the table one way or another currently.

Young has the talent, it's staying healthy that's the problem. If the former Ohio State standout puts a consistent run of games together, his tandem with Montez Sweat could be productive alongside Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne - the best defensive tackle partnership in football.

Still, it hasn't stopped speculation from surfacing about where Young could end up next if the Commanders become receptive to offers. Lee Vowell from 12th Man Rising on FanSided urged the Seattle Seahawks to consider making an offer to further boost their playoff chances in 2023.

"[Chase] Young can be a divisive figure because of his injury history, I understand that. But if he can be healthy, and he is only 25 years old so he should have many years left to play (again, if he can stay healthy), Young could be a transformative player. It also helps sometimes simply for a player to have a change of scenery. Young also likely doesn't feel overly wanted in Washington because the Commanders chose not to pick up his fifth-year option for 2024. If Seattle could get Young a third-rounder in 2024 in return for a second-rounder and fifth-rounder next year plus Phil Haynes that could do the trick. "

Lee Vowell, 12th Man Rising

Whether this is the sort of offer that tempts Washington is debatable. Ron Rivera remains confident Young can step up and make a more lasting contribution next season, but remaining on the field rather than in the treatment room is of paramount importance.