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Michael Irvin's criticism on Commanders decision

One of the biggest talking points that emerged from Week 4's gut-punch at the Philadelphia Eagles was the team's decision at the end of regulation. After Jahan Dotson's touchdown as time expired, the Washington Commanders opted to go for an extra point rather than a two-point conversion to win the game, which was a contentious call that eventually proved crucial.

Riverboat Ron Rivera is known for a gamble or two throughout his coaching career. He stated that the offense was extremely tired after a long drive, which led to him kicking rather than going for broke to put the game out of sight.

This call received criticism from Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver-turned analyst Michael Irvin, who slammed the conservative choice made by Rivera based on comments via Sportskeeda.

"I say if you have an inferior team, you go for that win right there. Why am I putting my inferior talent and giving them more time around this superior talent to take over this game when I got a chance right here right now, you for that win right there. It says a whole lot of different things. You coming off that last week loss, it's what they need to say on how you come back and let him beat Philadelphia right here with this play. Even if he doesn't make that play. Everything is still going for you because you're on a high, you take that opportunity right there in that game and not going over time."

Michael Irvin via Sportskeeda

If the Commanders had gone for it and not managed to find the end-zone, Rivera would have been criticized the other way. It's a lose-lose situation if things didn't go as expected, but one could make a strong argument for both sides of the equation in this scenario.