Commanders News: Sam Howell, K.J. Henry, Eric Bieniemy and Kamren Curl

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Kamren Curl
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Commanders spreading the wealth on offense

It's been refreshing to see the offensive improvements this season under Eric Bieniemy. While things haven't been perfect at times, there's been steady growth and the blossoming relationship between the play-caller and quarterback Sam Howell can only mean good things for the Washington Commanders moving forward.

Bieniemy's been giving everyone a fair shot to make an impact. Established figures still get their fair share of targets, but the offensive coordinator believes sharing the wealth is the best way to keep his players engaged no matter their standing on the depth chart based on comments via Sports Illustrated.

"Just diversifying everything, just making sure we're presenting different looks, just to give everybody an opportunity to get involved. And that way - if you've played this game, if you've been a part of it - when guys feel like they're involved they have a tendency to go out there and play a little bit harder. And my whole thing is just making sure everybody understands that they have a piece of the pie and they're just as important as any man in that locker room."

Eric Bieniemy via Sports Illustrated

This method seems to be working. It also keeps opposing defenses on their toes.

Expect the same trend to continue in the coming weeks. If it's successful, Bieniemy can prove beyond all doubt he has what it takes to become an NFL head coach next year or into the future.