Commanders News: Sam Howell, Josh Harris, Ron Rivera and Chase Young

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Sam Howell
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Commanders owner Josh Harris hails fans

Although the weather was less than ideal, it didn't stop Josh Harris and members of his ownership group from watching the Washington Commanders in action for the first time since their landmark $6.05 billion transaction received NFL approval. The majority stakeholder wasn't in a lavish suite - instead preferring to brave out the heavy rain among the fans who've already taken him to their hearts.

Ron Rivera gave Harris the game ball to mark another milestone. But the billionaire was keen to recognize the fans when speaking on the broadcast via JP Finlay and Nicki Jhabvala, indicating there is a lot of hard work ahead.

"It’s not my team, it’s the city’s team. Being out here and being part of the team that I cheer for and that I grew up with is incredible. At the same time I can feel the pressure, it’s the beginning of a long season and we have to get it done. I know Washington fans were out there. I see them in the stands here. It’s so exciting to be here at my first game. Obviously we’re going in with a lead and we have to get it done. We’re very excited to get started and thank you Washington. Keep coming and cheering these guys on."

Josh Harris via X/Twitter

This is still a honeymoon period of sorts for Harris. He's made some impactful changes to overall fan experiences throughout camp, which is set to continue during the regular season despite the short time frame involved.

There is finally light at the end of the tunnel. And if nothing else, Harris is fully aware of what this team means to a fanbase that became demoralized beyond measure under the previous owner.